Business Launch


Business Launch is a service for new or existing businesses who know they need some online tools – like a website – but don’t have time, interest, nor expertise to select and set up the tools.

We set up your tools with your content – your logo, your pictures, your contact information and then we teach you how to use them. No more calling your webmaster to make a simple change!  No more being in the dark about your financial position!

We hold your hand (virtually, of course) and give you step by step, easy to follow instructions for how to use each tool. We take care of all the technical stuff on the back end, then we give you full access so you can manage your online presence the way you want to.

After Business Launch, you will be ready to rock on your own.  Of course, if you decide you want ongoing support with bookkeeping, marketing, social media monitoring and ongoing tasks that are important to your success, we can help.

Components are priced individually, and if you order the whole enchilada you can bet we will give you a nice discount.  Ask us.

Here’s what you get with Business Launch


You’re somebody now!  Millions of people look at the internet every day! *

Let us make you a professionally designed WordPress website with your own domain, logo, and contents typical for your industry.  Your website comes with easy to follow instructions on how to add blog posts, update images, change pricing – all the tasks you need to know to keep your site current without having to learn to code and without having to hire a Webmaster to make changes.

*Remember how excited Steve Martin was about getting his name in the phone book? This is about the same.

Pricing varies depending on complexity and features.  We recommend you “start small” and build from there as business grows.

Accounting System

You’ll be “in the cloud” with all the cool people.

We set you up with a  cloud based accounting system.  We like Xero for its ease of use and more intuitive design, but for many clients, QuickBooks Online is a more comfortable choice if they have used QuickBooks Desktop before.

We will give you the pros and cons and monthly pricing of each option based on your needs, then set up your account with a chart of account specific to your industry.  (Of course, you can customize this chart of accounts.)  We show you how to get started, then let you or your bookkeeper take over the reins.

If you feel like it would be nice to have some ongoing support, maybe to ask occasional questions or have us review your work, or maybe even to do all your bookkeeping, we have options that fit your needs and your budget.

Setup is $200, monthly subscriptions are typically $20 to $40.

Email Marketing

Your people want to hear from you!

Let us help you set up a  free email marketing account with your logo and a template ready for your content.

Permission based email marketing is one of the most affordable and effective ways to reach your customers and fans.  You can send out emails about upcoming events, special deals, staff changes, helpful tricks, or whatever content you think your readers will appreciate.

We will help you upload any existing email contacts you have (friends, family, current customers) so you can get started right away.

We use MailChimp, because it is free for the first 2000 contacts, and because the system is easy to use, and the emails have a high deliverability rate (meaning they are less likely to end up in your recipient’s spam box.)

Setup is $100.


Social media

Where do  your target customers hang out?  Facebook? Instagram? LinkedIn?

We will help you select the platform that is the best fit, based on your personal preference and your industry, then set up your account and get you started.

Social media setup $200

Document Management

No more paper cuts!

Once you learn how to use electronic filing to sort, store, find and manage your bills, receipts, invoices, check stubs, bank statements, tax returns and every other kind of paperwork that business generates, we promise you will never go back to overflowing inboxes, boxes of papers in the basement, and bins full of shredding.  It is truly liberating.

We will set you up with your own set of tools for secure document management and train you how to use them.

Document management setup $200

Customer Relations Management

If your business will benefit from keeping track of your customers and their preferences, then you need a Customer Relations Management system.  We will set up a free Zoho account for you to use.  Or, you can simply use the Contact information in your email and your email marketing system.  We will show you exactly how.

Contact management setup $200



We teach you how to use your new tools

It should go without saying, but we will say it anyway.  You will have full access to all your tools – of course!  Once you are launched, you take charge of your own business. We give you simple, easy to follow instructions on how to use each of your new tools so you can post your own website updates, send out your own emails, do your own bookkeeping. (If you decide your business is taking off and you want ongoing help, we can do that, too!)